Welcome to Hominology Magazine! We would like to thank each one of you for visiting our website. Ours is a FREE publication devoted entirely to the field of Hominology and is a production of Asymmetric Science International LLC. Our publication has been created so that we may continue to support our journey in the field of science known as Hominology. 


The decision to create this magazine was based on the fact that for decades, both independent researchers and others involved in Hominology have faced immense adversity in finding a venue for the publication of their work. The typical standards set forth have been that researchers have either been denied the opportunity to publish their research and findings or, they have been ridiculed for doing so. We seek to change those standards. Our magazine finally provides a much needed venue for the publication of articles written by the men and women who have dedicated themselves to hominological research. Your willingness to publish an article will never be met with either obstructionism or ridicule. We want you to publish because the world needs to know about you, your organization, and your work. 


Within the pages of our magazine, you will find newly written articles as well as some which may have been previously published on a very small scale.  In conjunction with the publication of quality articles, our magazine hopes to provide a means for continued education on the subject for everyone associated with this revolutionary field.

Across the globe, there are literally hundreds of people actively conducting research utilizing both traditional and non-traditional ("outside the box") methodologies. Both styles of methodology have been utilized in the gathering and examination of evidence which has greatly contributed to Hominology and both styles have brought us to where we are today in our quest for answers. It is our opinion, that every piece of evidence discovered through research should be shared with peers across the globe to enhance promotion of a tremendously under appreciated field of science. We highly encourage you to share your knowledge with the world in the pages of this magazine.


Whether you involve yourself in traditional or non-traditional research makes no difference.  Your research is important. Every person has a "seat at the table" here at Hominology Magazine. We feel that no one person's research is in any way more valid or important than someone else's. We maintain an open-minded approach in our quest for answers and we welcome all theories or working hypotheses related. We recognize the fact that leading authorities have emerged in the field. We also recognize the fact that numerous experts from other areas of study continue to apply the expertise gained in their respective fields to Hominology.  We believe that there is still much to be discovered, recognized, and realized within our field and only through collaborated, open-minded efforts will we have the ability to answer all the questions.

In closing, we hope you will find this FREE publication very educational and highly enjoyable. If you have something you would like to share, we encourage you to write to us for publication consideration. We also encourage everyone to contact us with ideas for the magazine or just to let us know how we are doing.

Again, welcome to Hominology Magazine! Enjoy the reading and keep up the fantastic work!


L. Shane Land

Founder, Hominology Magazine